The idea of “Offset”

Since emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are especially great among the greenhouse gases targeted for reduction under the Kyoto Protocol, it’s the gas with the greatest impact on global warming. Since consumption of fossil fuel is seen as the main source of carbon dioxide emissions, controlling it is an important task.
Our company is proposing the idea of “Offset.”

The idea is to contribute to the entire carbon cycle of emission and absorption by expanding forests, which are absorbing agents, through a system of carbon dioxide emission controls and emission credits.

Needless to say, forest resources provide many indispensable benefits, not only to the cause of carbon dioxide absorption, but also to the entire ecosystem.

What is truly needed in addressing global warming and other environmental issues is not only a response from civilization, but first a rediscovery of each country’s underlying environment and culture, and then a mode of development that is in harmony with local customs and ways of life.

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