Planting business

Development and sales of emission credits by a planting project centered on mangroves.

Emission credit development

Since the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol went into effect in February, 2005, the Japanese Government has been moving urgently to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide.

It has been pointed out that limiting greenhouse gas emission reduction to the pursuit of emission abatement alone will adversely affect economic development. In the future, improvement of the circulatory functions of the natural environment is likely to become a focus of attention.

The mechanisms known as the Kyoto Mechanisms, adopted in the Kyoto Protocol, include a plan for trading in emission credits in the broad sense of deriving maximum effectiveness from differences in emissions and costs between countries or regions.

We aim to contribute to the observance of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and to the economic growth of developing countries through the development or joint development of emission credits in those countries under one of the Kyoto Mechanisms, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

・Identifying and developing other emission source CDM project areas.

Enviromental maintenance projects

We will offer various projects and products with environmental maintenance as their theme.

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