“Forest existed before the Civilization, After that only desert left”

The word has impacted into my mind, since a quarter century ago, as inscription remarked by Francois-Rene´ de Chateaubriand (France 19th century).
These thirty years, I have been engaged in lumber industry working in nature environment and my feel ing grew up gradually t hat I must repay nat ure’s favor in s ome way.

I stand in awe of a wonder of ecosystem that correlate all trees, plant, animals, water and soil in delicate balance, since old times. This wonderful balance must be maintained well and protected from any breakable factor.

On February 15th 2005, The Kyoto Protocol has come to effect to put restriction on Greenhouse Gas emission including carbon dioxide which are considered as a cause of the Global warming. Despite economic slow-down, effectuation of the treaty means that all nations realize how serious and urgent is the matter to preserve the Earth environment.

An assailant and a sufferer exist in the local scale, but as for global scale, they are one together in a p e r s o n .
Now all of us should consider about this matter with feeling of awe to the nature. Since several decades ago, this feeling urges me to establish some enterprise participated by anybody welcome.

Whom I wish to work with to save the world we live, “Let’s start it from our daily life” I am convinced “ Forest will remain even after Civilization”.

Akira Yamamoto Chairman
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