Mangrove for earth! project ~Future earth for children~

Why don’t you action for the earth
and the future?

This project, as the title says

For future children, for the future earth
It is a project to plant mangrove!

You are the leading role!

Members will be the center to make mangrove forests.
We will help you with the local work.

Started the project in Jun 2010.
Reforestation requests from members are planted three times a year according to seed maturity.

It is a generic term for plants that inhabit the intertidal zone where sea water and freshwater mix together.
It lives in the tropical and subtropical regions around the equator and has over 100 kinds all over the world.

Mangrove is wonderful!

The reforestation area of this project isBintan Island, Riau Islands.

We reforest mangroves at aquaculture pond where forest have been logged for return the forest and the natural environment.
Mr.Ady Indra Pawennari and his older brother’s family cooperate fully from mangrove reforestation to day management.

Mr.Adi say, it seems that the natural environment improves steadily as planting mangroves and growing.
Also, fish and shrimp seem to grow well in a pond of reforested mangroves.Mr.Ady ‘s brother’ s family is excited about the increase in harvesting because they live while running aquaculture business in place where there is neither electricity nor water supply in the middle of this aquaculture pond.

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